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After he graduated from Robert collage electrical engineering department in 1971 ,he attended Bosphorus University for his masters degree where he has completed his degree in 1973.He has worked in various coporate companies such as Yaşar Dış ticaret,Raks dış ticaret,penta dış ticaret as a upper level manager.He has established contact offices of manyTurkish companies ‘in Romaniabetween 1998 to 2001. He Works as a marketing specialist in york trade.since 2003.

Carl Simoni is the owner and the chairman of the company Comjet aviation groupltd which is in the fields of international aviation industry leasing ,finance,management euipment supply areas.Amongs his career experiences he has worked in various portfolia investments and act as legal adviser for ford organisations with his partners cravath,swanie and moore in newyork.he is also an active partner of his law firm which he has established.In 1986 he act as one of the founders of Aviation investors group inc(AIG) which was formed for leasıng ,purchasing,trading of various types of aircrafts.1990 he was elected as the president of AIG and during his period of administration by the accession of new investors and shareholders aviation investors international INC formation established.After serving out his mission he established his new era by forming comjet aviation ltd,comjet worldwide sales corp and comjet aviation management LLC.Amongst the services offered leasing of commercial and business jets ,business connections on the related fields,finnance,reselling and marketing can be mentioned.In addition,he fosuced on purchasing,selling and leasing of aircraft enginess and euipments.At the same time,he has partıcipate in huge and various number of realestate development projects and has created a volume of business potential over 1.million us dollars both in real estate and various types of aircrafts.he’s got multinational Professional approach for his business and envoirement.He is currently working as a international adviser in york trade E-trade schools.

Following her graduation from English Literatures from La Trobe University (Australia) and Deakin University (Australia), Mrs. Kalemen worked for Collingwood English Language School - Australia as English teacher before she enrolled to assistant specialist in DIS Bank, Turkey. She is now working for Yorktrade as E-foreign trade specialist.

After completing his his üniversity degree in İstanbul university school of economics he has taken as arole of foreign trade manager in various export –import companies such as Marmara foreign trade coA.ş.,şahinler holding,bilkont foreign trade aş.evteksan foreign trade as,and santral san.tic.aş,currently he is still working some of those organizations. He is currently giving lectures for logistics practises,cambio,banking import regulatios and applications,export legislations and applications,customs laws and regulations,government insentives(inward processing regime related documents and permits,outward processing regime related documents and permits)in york trade foreign trade schools.

Gunay SENCAN graduated from Business School and Training Faculty of Ege University and worked for EFOR Custom Consultancy as foreign trade officer. Then she worked for ERSAN Custom Consultancy as foreign trade manager and for KLIMASAN A. S. Foreign Trade as deputy general manager. She became the shareholder of the company after 1997 and worked for board member and import and export manager. In 2006, she worked for YAKA Agriculture A.S., Organic Olive as consultant in establishing the company's foreign trade system. In 2007, she worked for AOG AS, Aydin as sales and marketing manager. She is the member of Training Committee of Zeytindostu Corporation.

She teaches Payment/Delivery Methods, Import/Export Procedures, Documentation Analysis and Bank/Exchange as Yorktrade specialist.

Dinçer karaca : He has started his üniversity education in 1994 YTU by entering Civil engineering department.In 1998 he contiuned his education trough the school of economics in the same school.later he has taken education of photography at art of Paris instute İn france.during his education he work as advertisement and fashion photographer at haluk akgöl photographic studio,in 1996 he has started to worked in hürriyet newspaper as a journalist and photographer.He has also worked as editor yeniyüzyıl newspaper.later on he has assigned as a chief of news IT business weekly magazine,during the periods that he worked in İTBW magazine he has started the first turkish IT radio programme at 92.3 frequency as programmer and announcer,he has also created first turkish lınux programme ( journal of the Mouse 2001-2003 and monitor 2002-2003) later he continued his carrier as tv programmer and announcer of first private IT tv progrrame in show tv (silicon valley 2003-2006) during the period 2006-2008 he has prepared and present the progrrame called CLICK first on ATV TV later FOX TV.Since 2006 he has been working for Ciner publishing holding as the publishing of IT publications.(PC magazine electronic gaming montly magazine)

Mrs. Aydinoglu graduated from Public Administration Department, Ege University. She graduated in 1982 also qualified as the teacher during her education. Following her services in numerous foodstuff companies, she worked for her own customs corporation. She then worked for EGS Foreign Trade A. S. and E-Park Info Systems A.S. as Data Processing Automation Chief Izmir Branch Manager. She is now working for Yorktrade as E-foreign trade specialist.

Mr. Gaffarogullari is graduated from Department of English Teacher, Buca Training Faculty, and Dokuz Eylul University in 1983. He assumed various responsibilities of the foreign trade and sales department of various food and textile companies. He worked for AGSA-a Grand Stone Australia and Australia Turkish Business Council companies situated in Austria where he stayed for about 15 years as sales manager and consultant. Mr. Gaffarogullari is now working as English and Correspondences Specialist for Yorktrade and Academician in Izmir Economy University.

Following his graduation from Business Faculty, Istanbul University, he completed his post graduate study in JWU, USA on International Trade. He worked for Group Sagun and Elvan Food as export officer. In 2005, he established his own company. He teaches E-foreign trade as Yorktrade specialist.

Following his high school education in TED Ankara College in 1979, Mr. Kunt graduated from Industrial Engineering Department in 1985. He incepted into the business operation in Izmir.

He worked for Sanlar A. S. as Deputy General Manager, for Akdeniz Textile as Plant Manager, for Izmir Textile A. S. as General Manager, for Kopiteknik A. S. as General Manager, Armateks A. S. as General Manager, Aromel Cosmetic A. S. as General Manager, Lio Oil Industrial A. S. as Deputy General Manager, (Sales and Marketing), for Delta Textile A. S. as Marketing Coordinator, for ABİGEM (European Union Business Development Center) as Director. He is now working for Yorktrade as specialist.

After completion his education from Cavusoglu College in 1996, he graduated from Econometrics Department, Faculty of Economic and Business Administration, Marmara University. He completed his post graduate study on Business Administration during the period 2002-2003 in California Newport Universities and conducted research works on International Branding Strategies. During the period 2003-2005, he took part in Branding Location and Branding Image Marketing in United Arab Emirates for the brands Canalli, Ferre, Escada, etc. He published articles on Branding Methods in famous magazines like News Week and Fashion Reports. . Meanwhile, he provides consultancy services on behalf of Sarar, Crispino, Hotic, Kom and similar famous brands in Turkey. He teaches Branding Strategies and Sales Techniques in Yorktrade E-Foreign Trade Organization.

Following his education in Department of Law, Mr. Demirpence worked for Legal Adviser in numerous companies, including the post of General Directorate of Pamukbank. As Yorktrade specialist, he teaches international Arguments and Solutions courses in Istanbul.

Following his university education from Business Administration, Mr. Atay worked for Atay, Tekstil Bank, İktisat Bankası and Garanti Bankası as inspection and credit services manager, for Calik Holding and Show TV as Finance Manager and Foreign Trade Manager. As Yorktrade specialist, Mr. Atay teaches Exchange Legislation, Banking Applications and Logistics.

Following his university education in Business Department, Troy State University U. S. A., and Mr. Akgunduz worked for Siemens Business Service and SIGEM companies as customer representative and Project Development Manager. As Yorktrade specialist, Mr. Akgunduz teaches E-foreign trade and International Marketing.


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