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It is the first and unique legal carrier school for training professionals of e-trade and foreign trade experts by incorporating all kind of trade methods performed via Internet through applied e-foreign trade on the basis of geniune market rules as well as emphisizing the role of Internet in conducting local trade with in internal markets, in a most exciting, performance oriented and beneficial manner. It is certified by MINISTRY OF NATIONAL EDUCATION, REPUBLIC OF TURKEY.

It is a type of commercial activity performed over Internet, enabling all kind of internal and external market surveys, import and export trade and even mediation (e-broker) activities and equivalent different and profitable form of the trade.

No prerequisite is required to participate to YORKTRADE training programs like past experiences in foreign trade or proficiency in English. On the contrary, we start from the very beginning and every perticipant who would like to involve in foreign trade and make his/her fortune in this field is trained right from elementary level.

  • What is Internet Trade, How, Where and What is its Benefits?
  • Which Websites are beneficial?
  • Which Websites are huge but extremely unreliable and risky?
  • What to do to sell other's good without investment (dropship)?
  • How to sell goods? What if I loose even if I sold the good ?
  • What are the return programs?
  • How to arrange an auction?
  • What are the secrets and mysterious aspects of making fortune via Internet?
  • How do you get your commission after you sold the good?
  • Import-export applied training on e-foreign trade program for guaranteed way to make your fortune.
  • Full performance focused training.


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