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As someone having the objective of acting as an intermediary in the world of trade, I first had started to deal with the USA market. I had followed the foreign demands coming from this country over internet and I was especially interested in sector of toys. Then, I dealt with the procurement of these kinds of products from Turkey. However, after making researches I had realized that the production of these products has lower costs in China and the prices are open to competition.

When considered closely, China seems to be the competitor for all other countries. Actually, when transit trade is considered, it is seen that they are not competitors but "friends". Bearing this thought in mind, I found producers from China over internet for the foreign demands I had seen on B2B sites. After that I forwarded the quotations and commercial terms obtained from China as a result of the researches to my customers in USA as it is. As a result, my aim was acting an intermediary between these two countries and make money.

I sold to importers in USA the 143.000 pieces of toys I had bought from China for 0,75 by means of transit trade. The profit margin I had gained by selling the products with the average price of 1.00 USD was 30.000 USD after I had deducted expenses.

At the moment, my aim is improving this network I had established both in respects of sector and region, and display a powerful international company profile.









(Electric - Electronic)

I had established a personal company in Turkey. I had watched closely the wholesalers, market shares and price policies in Turkish electricity - electronic sector. In order to focus on one product, I mostly dealt with energy saving light bulbs.

As a second step, I tended to China as it is the address of quality and competitive prices. I had made a market research regarding the pricing and production of these goods in China. In order to receive quotations from duly organized powerful companies in this country, I had published commercial announcements over B2B sites or communicated directly with the companies to have information. The responds came in a short period of time. I received quotations including details such as product quality, delivery and payment terms via e-mail from different producers. I minimized the number of companies I had connections with in accordance with the abovementioned criteria. I tried to be sure of the quality by obtaining samples.

As a result, I came to an agreement with a Chinese company with the below given terms.

Energy Saving Light Bulb

Unite Price: 0,58 USD
Total amount: 164.000 pieces
Total Price: 95120,00 USD
Delivery: CIF Istanbul

Payment: Payment term was "Letter of Credit" as it does not involve any risks for both parties.

After the goods are delivered to Turkey, I had sold them to wholesalers easily since the unite price (0,84 USD) I had provided was really very suitable for competition in market. After the accounts are completed, the expenses are deducted; I had realized that my business provided a profit of 30.000 USD.

I had decided to become an expert on electric - electronic sector and arrange a regular importation chain. My aim in this direction is bringing the goods of new technology to Turkey and becoming a good trademark in the electronic sector by having a large product range.




Producer price 2.10 euro/kg
Sales Price 2.70 euro/kg
Profit 0.6 euro/kg
The amount of honey sold monthly 21000 kg
Total monthly profit 12600 euro x 12 ay
Income of 1 year =151200euro

I had sold 21000 kg of honey in a month to Germany. I had signed an agreement for 12 months with the producer.



Producer price 1.85 USD/kg
Sales Price 1.95 USD/kg
Profit 0.1 USD/kg
Number of dried apricots sold in a month 60000 kg
Total monthly profit 6000 USD x 6 ay
Income of 6 months = 36000 USD

I had sold 60 tons of dried apricots in a month to Belgium. I had signed an agreement for 6 months with the producer.



Producer Price 3.00 USD/adet
Sales Price 4.50 USD/adet
Profit 1.5 USD/adet
Number of the jeans sold 10000 adet
Total income 15000 USD

I had sold jeans to USA for only once.




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